Why choose our

Public Policy Services

We support Government with technical detail for programs and policies. Our solutions are based on research, literature review and benchmarking of successful policies and experiences.


Innovation Strategy Development

We identify policy opportunities to support economic development through business growth and innovation, developing an evidence based innovation framework.


Innovation Public Policy

Our team of experts have experience identify policy opportunities to support businesses growth and innovation.


SME’s development programs and strategies

We support economic development interests advising on strategies, public policy and programs for SME’s growth.


Innovation Funds Design and Implementation

Managing high priority, time sensitive information working cross-functionally guaranteeing effective design and implementation.


Monitor and Evaluation of Innovation Policy

We monitor and evaluate innovation strategy and execution, overseeing alignment of policy objectives with country’s strategic development goals.

Business Services

Our teams advise organizations by identifying critical points and optimal growth and innovation strategies. We work with personalized information and advice, enhancing efficiency.

  • Efficiency and Organization
  • Strategy Management
  • Digital Products
  1.     Standard Operating Procedures
  2.     Documents Standardization
  3.     Administrative and Filing Efficiency
  4.     Price and Service Cost Revision
  5.     Customer Resource Management tools
  1.     Conceptualization and design
  2.     Defining guidelines and indicators
  3.     Operation Manual
  4.     Implementation
  5.     Monitoring Structure
  • Business/Organization Development 
  • Business Promotion Strategy 
  • Marketing & Business Plans 
  • Ongoing Strategic Advising